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CurraNZ; a Natural Product with Proven Performance

This week we’re pleased to announce our collaboration with CurraNZ – a ‘new generation’ food supplement made from New Zealand blackcurrants that is quickly gaining a reputation for its recovery and performance benefits.

It’s a natural product that we believe will help with the training and racing demands of our customers.


For active people and busy athletes, blackcurrants dramatically reduce muscle soreness (the dreaded ‘DOMS’) and accelerate recovery, meaning individuals can train more frequently and put in bigger blocks of training. They also support the immune system – important for recovery and avoiding bugs and colds.

Essentially, blackcurrants have three key actions: They boost blood flow 20% and are powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents.

Blackcurrants are showing great potential in University research for their unique performance actions. Eight peer-reviewed, published studies show they also supercharge fat burning (beneficial for endurance) and buffer lactate, leading to reduced fatigue across all exercise intensities.

CurraNZ is proving a hit with athletes at heavy training camps, because of its fast recovery.

Lucy Charles, Double World Ironman Champion and one of the fastest rising stars in professional triathlon, took CurraNZ for the first time in 2015, testing it on a two-week pre-season training camp in Lanzarote:

“The proof was when I managed to train solidly with next to no fatigue, covering over 600 miles on the bike.


Lucy Charles winning IRONMAN Lanzarote 2017


“Since then, I've used CurraNZ for every race, and I can jump straight back into training on a Monday after an Ironman. The recovery on blackcurrant is amazing”.

Sue Pugh, the lead British RAF triathlon instructor, delivered coaching for two busy camps in Majorca in March, when she led out all the rides and covered 700 miles of cycling, 30 miles running and ten miles swimming.

Sue says: “Curranz paid big dividends. When others couldn’t carry on, I felt fine. The legs were drained, but it was a case of feeling fatigued, without muscle pain and soreness. Others were hitting the wall and questioning how I was able to continue.


RAF Tri Team on training camp

“By the second week, I was perfectly fine and still doing good times. Others were telling me I should’ve been tired, but I wasn’t. I felt good.

“I’m massively happy with CurraNZ -  everyone who saw me perform during those weeks has come onboard with the product. I swear by it.”




 Click on the image above to order ....


Which Training Camp clients receive a 30% discount off the RRP of £29 when using the code WHICHCAMP, bringing the cost of 30 capsules cost to £20. Click on the image above when ever you see it on our website and this will take you to CurraNZ to order. 

*Each batch of CurraNZ is drug tested and contains no fillers or chemicals. CurraNZ comes with a 100% guarantee for muscle recovery.

For best results, the manufacturers recommend loading on a capsule of CurraNZ daily for a week leading to the training camp. Then on heavy training days, take two capsules (with or without food), two hours before. If training twice a day, then re-dose before each session. After heavy weeks, drop dose to one daily, to support the immune system and maintain the product’s recovery actions.

The RAF Tri Team held their training camps at the Club Pollentia Resort.

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