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What to do if your Training Camp is cancelled.

We’ve been hearing from athletes about the stress caused by having to re-arrange, postpone or even, in some cases, cancel their training camps. Their fear is that they will not be able to put in their best performance when it matters. 




Changing training camp dates or arrangements can happen at any time. It is not only the CoronaVirus that can disrupt your plans. Industrial action from air traffic controllers, immigration officials, baggage handlers, your own illnesses, family issues, cash flow problems etc etc

But no matter what, the date of you’re A race will still be set in stone. So how can you get around the what seems like a major stumbling block?

You are not alone






Many of your competitors will have the same experience as yours. It is easy to stand on the start line, look across at the others and say, “I’m the only one here who has had problems during my preparations”.

There will be many others, all looking around, all saying the same thing.

Strength through adversity

By re-organising your training you have shown good management skills. You have demonstrated a desire to maintain a focus on your A race. Whilst not having the “comfortable” hotel and easy to eat buffet meals, you have still managed to do the miles. This strength in adversity is not something all your competitors will have; remember that when you line up against them.

Keep ticking off the sessions in your training diary as a reminder before your A race that you have achieved your training goals, despite the obstacles life has thrown in your way.



You still have the same amount of days to train

There are still 7 days in a week. So, you have a training program that needs to be completed and that is what needs to be done; nothing more. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day until the camp is completed, you need to be ticking off the sessions as you complete them.

Not being able to reach for the “easy” buffet maybe a good thing. Digging into all that prepared food helps your rest time but distracts from other nutritional issues. The camp is a great opportunity to look at fuelling strategies. Not every strategy will work for you, but finding which ones do, you can then take this through to your "normal" training and to race days.


Finding some alternative Exercises

Take the time you have put aside for your camp and get the most out of it.

Even at home, you can refresh your training by introducing some alternative exercises. Some S&C work, additional stretching or psychology exercises. 



Do not return to your laptop and waste time.

If your camp is at home, the temptation will be to fill in time doing all the things that need doing or just grabbing your laptop or phone and spending time surfing the net.

The control of time is in your hands and the priority is your training. Everything else is a distraction. Your behaviour should be the same as when you are away on camp.


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