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UK Athletics cancel their overseas training camps

UK Athletics have become the latest International Federation to cancel their overseas training camps in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 




UK Athletics (UKA) chairman Nic Coward sent notification to all athletes and staff detailing the changes that have been introduced in response to the coronavirus crisis. 

Some athletes have made alternative arrangements but for those who have decided to press ahead with their plans, UKA’s insurance will not cover them. 

Laura Muir was due to hold her altitude camp in Flagstaff, Arizona but has now decided to continue her training in Glasgow. 

Mr Coward said: “We understand that for some this will mean a compromise or change on what you feel your best preparation should look like. However, it is important to reflect that this is a global situation and other nations will be facing the same challenges.” 


Our own article on What to do if your Training Camp is cancelled, says; 

"You are not alone.

Many of your competitors will have the same experience as yours. It is easy to stand on the start line, look across at the others and say, “I’m the only one here who has had problems during my preparations”.

There will be many others, all looking around, all saying the same thing."




There are also continuing doubts as to whether the Diamond League meetings in Doha and China will go ahead. These are used by athletes in their preparation towards the main event, which this year is the Olympic Games.

One Elite Coach has told Which Training Camp: “If training camps are cancelled, we will just have to re-organise them within our home environment. And the same for racing. If the athletes can’t compete we’ll just have to simulate races in training.”


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