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The Best Training & Race day bag

Kitbrix: The Ultimate Training Camp and Raceday Companion


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Competing in an endurance sport requires a lot of discipline and focus, I’m sure we don’t have to tell you that! With busy training schedules, hectic crowds on race day and a whole host of gear that you need to bring with you to training camp, organisation is absolutely key. The last thing you need when you are trying to stay in the zone during training or race day is thinking about everything you might have forgotten. It’s every athlete's worst nightmare to turn up and have forgotten a vital piece of equipment, and have to either leave without competing or training, or scramble around trying to find a replacement.

The answer? Kitbrix. So how can Kitbrix help your kit organised, and your mind focused?

The Kitbrix bag was designed by athletes to help achieve maximum performance with one unfussy purpose; to save you time and enable you to perform at your best.


Hard shell base:

Wherever your training or competitions take you, your Kitbrix is up to the challenge. Whether you are a triathlete competing on muddy fields, an open water swimmer training on wet sandy beaches or a cyclist at a training camp in the mountains, Kitbrix's hard shell base can be taken anywhere. Whilst you are focusing on the task at hand, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your bag won’t snag on rocks or have water soaking through to your dry kit and technology. The hardshell base also makes the Kitbrix free-standing, keeping your contents organised and easy to access at a moments notice. 


Zip together compartments:

When you attend a training camp or competition, there is a lot of gear that needs to be brought with you, particularly if you are a triathlete with three separate disciplines to pack for! The Kitbrix bag is unique in its zip together design. If you are attending a short training session, you can just bring the one bag, or alternatively if you are attending a week-long training camp you can bring multiple Kitbrix bags and zip them together to create one back with individual compartments. For example, one for technology, one for dry kit and one for wet or muddy gear. 


Top tip for triathletes:

The Kitbrix bags also make great transition bags. Have one bag at each change over with your gear for the next leg, water and fresh energy packs. 




Training and race days are not always limited to warm sunny days. I’m sure you have found yourself before now training in the cold winters and downpours. The last thing you need after a soggy training session is for your warm ‘dry’ gear to be anything but. The Kitbrix is waterproof so your post-training or post-race gear stays dry, clean and off the muddy ground. The compartments are also waterproof so even on those sunny days, you know your technology won’t be damaged by your soggy towel or trainers. 


Personalised labels:

As part of Kitbrix’s purpose of keeping you organised, each Kitbrix comes with a clear wallet to insert your own label, team details, contact information or even a checklist. 


Top Tip:

Did you know that your Kitbrix bag can also be used during training as a weighted rucksack? Thanks to Kitbrix’s durable design, you can fill your rucksack with heavy household items such as tinned cans or detergent bottles to add resistance to your training. If you find yourself stuck at home without a gym, why not add your Kitbrix bag to your squat routine or stair climbs?

To help you stay organised during training and raceday, Kitbrix are offering Which Training Camp readers a 10% discount code on orders over $50 or £50 to be used across both the Kitbrix UK and the Kitbrix US site. This offer expires on the 31th May.


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