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Technology; helping athletes train

How technology has helped High Performance athletes and teams train whilst being denied access to their training bases and the equipment.


Could this be how teams train and prepare in future? 




Wattbike supply equipment to a diverse audience that includes England Football, England Rugby, South Africa Rugby, British & Irish Lions Rugby, the British Army, Lawn Tennis Association as well as many individual World and Olympic medal winners. They have worked with British Cycling for over 8 years developing their training bike, a power based indoor trainer with performance insights for every rider.

Wattbike CEO Rich Baker said: “It has been such a fast-evolving situation. We got a lot of calls from our clients needing immediate solutions. They wanted to hire bikes to send to their players, so we had to look at what we could do and what packages we could put together.

 “Staying fit is going to be so important, not just for athletes but also for everyone else whatever your standard. 

“What we wanted to do was work on community projects but we are very limited, what we are doing is making sure as a business we remain open so we can still deliver bikes, service bikes and fix problems, that is the best we can do. 

“That goes a long way. If we are facing 12 weeks at home, we can still provide a service and a product to people and do that in a safe way that keeps everyone healthy.” 



Catapult’s Athlete Management System have been expanding through all sports, from American Football & Australian Rules to Ice Hockey & Tennis. The management system allows coaches to remotely monitor athlete’s training activity and give feedback and revise training programs accordingly. 

Catapult’ Business Development Manager, Mat Young, said: “The challenges they have all faced is they have no access to athletes and the athletes have no access to a facility, they are all locked up. 







“The big thing is communication, how can they keep a regular day with a regular schedule, how can they share back and forth, how can they share and distribute weight programmes and conditioning sessions? 

“That I where I think we have been able to step in and help and do it in a way that is safe and secure and meets data protection regulations.” 

Catapult monitoring systems are being used by players and referees. It is also used at High Performance training centres, like ALTIS, an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader of education in sport performance. 

An ALTIS coach said: “In a difficult period like this, AMS is proving very useful to get a gauge on our athletes' wellness, particularly as we don't have daily physical interaction. 

“Key things that we will track daily will be fatigue, sleep quality, soreness and mood, the latter being more mental health related.” 



Playermaker uses a smart motion sensor on a football player’s boots and has a world-wide customer base. They have recently expended on their technology information so as to offer greater support to teams. 

CEO Guy Aharon said: “In a time like this we need to be creative and we are doing all that we can to deliver our products and services to teams so that they can manage their players’ fitness and reduce the impact on individual performance.”


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