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Making the most from your Training Camp

How to maximise the benefits of your training camp or sporting holiday    


by Karen Parnell, Head Coach of ChiliTri


Training camps are amazing and combining a holiday, some hard swimming, biking and running plus some much need vitamin D is very beneficial coming into a new race season. Popular destinations are Spain, France and Italy chosen for cycling in the mountains, swimming in the lakes and sea and trail running. Having done the hard work on the camp how can we maximise the gains?

For the swim, especially if you have been given some specialist coaching and video analysis spend some time reflecting on your improvements and watching the videos a few times to understand what areas you need to work on. What were the focal points? Did you get given a mantra or one you invented yourself to help with the focal points? Once you have internalised this get to the pool, your local lake or in the sea as soon as you can to embed this new body position or new technique.



For the run maybe you learnt some new drills and worked on your posture or cadence. Most people on the camp would have felt the benefit of the new drills and dynamic stretches before each run session but few keep this regime going. Make sure you learn these drills and do them before every run, you will feel the difference and be strong to the end of your run.

Finally, the bike. Most camps will involve some long mountain rides which are great for strength and endurance but maybe not so good for your cadence. You cadence may have dropped off from your normal 85-95 rpm. When you return consider getting on the turbo and trying this Zwift workout. I’ve written this specifically for those returning from a hard week of mountain climbs on the bike. What ever your cadence is when you get back it will take you up in cadence and power in a one-hour session. Simply download the file, add it to your workouts area and give it a try. Your cadence will be brought back up to 90rpm and then you can hit the road making the most of your power gains. 


The Zwift Work Out file is available from Karen Parnell at Chili Tri www.chilitri.com



Karen Parnell is a British Triathlon Federation Level 3 coach and tutor and an ASA open water swimming coach. She lives in Southern Spain and knows the open water swimming hidden gems. www.chilitri.com



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