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How much does a Rugby Training Camp cost in Spain

Training Camp Spain are quoting and preparing visiting League XIII teams for 2018 January and February



Here are the latest prices below.

Quoted below for - 30 players 5 nights and 5 days training

Class this as a "Full Monty" training camp.

So it gives us room to "downgrade" and reduce price if you think you need to.

Airport Transfers -5 nights Full board '15 twin rooms -5 days training ( 10 visits to Rugby Stadium and 5 vsits to Private Gym )10 shuttle trips Hotel - Sports City - Hote- l24/7 Event Management Team - All equipment provided.

€8,500 €uros

€283.33 €uros per person.

Todays bank rate converts your quote into £235.73GBP per person

With flights this year Jan n Feb being very cheap { £45 }

You total cost including flights

Approximately £280 GBP pp

See more about Training Camp Spain ....


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