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CurraNZ ambassador, Dougal Allan becomes the new World Multisport Champion

Multisport World Champion one of many athletes adopting blackcurrant for legal performance and recovery gains


ENDURANCE athlete Dougal Allan became the new World Multisport Champion in February when winning New Zealand's Coast To Coast, a race he’d placed second and third on four previous occasions – and the one he wanted the most. 


After a six-year break from the race and his seventh attempt in total, Dougal left no stone unturned in his bid to win Multisport’s ‘Rite of Passage’.

This time though, after 18 months of extensive testing, Dougal deployed a new nutritional strategy – blackcurrant extract – to help give him a competitive and legal edge in the race that had eluded him for so long. The outcome? It worked.

With a degree in Physical Education and an endurance coach in his own right, Dougal has a keen mind for science and doesn’t use anything unless there’s a sound scientific basis for doing so.

Looking back at his time in endurance sport before he started using blackcurrant, Dougal says he is a more consistent athlete, with the ability to recover more quickly in multi-day adventure races, from heavy training sessions and Ironman.

There is also proof in his results - Dougal’s success in the Coast to Coast came off the back of an unbeaten run of races in China, Australia and New Zealand.

He says: "CurraNZ has been a big thing - and made me more consistent in training and racing.

"I’ve definitely noticed real-world examples of the benefits promoted by CurraNZ - the ability to recover around heavy-duty days of racing, across multiple days of racing and being able to perform day in, day out."



Dougal took two capsules of CurraNZ two hours before the start, then redosed five hours into the race as he started the kayak section. From there, he hit the lead and didn’t see another competitor, to win by 15 minutes and stop the clock at just over 11 hours. 

Dougal adds: "I've said it before and I'll say it again, CurraNZ has been a game-changer for me in endurance sport.

At the backend of last year I had a busy and intense block of racing that took in multi-day Adventure races in China and Australia – in the biggest race of its kind worldwide. There was a lot of anticipation around how I would cope with travel and recovery, different sleep patterns and foods. I noticed real world examples around the benefits promoted by Curranz.

“The ones most affected me were ability to recover over many days of heavy-duty racing. I was able to stay healthy throughout, which is a vote of confidence for its antioxidant effect.

“I’m a professional athlete and my livelihood relies in success in sport. I’m most proud that I was able to win every event on that trip and have continued that through to the Coast To Coast.

“Looking back to my previous life before CurraNZ, it would’ve been a big ask to get through all those events and put in clean sweep of wins.”

Dougal, ranked in the top ten bike rankings for Ironman, joins a growing list of endurance athletes such as Lucy Charles who have been using the product to great effect for a competitive advantage in endurance sport. 

*Use discount code WHICHCAMP at curranz.com to receive 30 capsules of CurraNZ for the reduced rate of £19.80. Certified by Informed-Sport, CurraNZ comes with a 100% guarantee to improve muscle recovery



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