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Covid19 Travel Restrictions May 2020

Where can I travel this summer? A guide to holidays after lockdown




This is a snap shot at some of the most popular destinations for athletes. The "lockdown" and "restrictions" apply as of the date of this article and you will need to view Government websites for current travel information; From The Times



Post-lockdown: Spanish borders are closed to most foreign arrivals until at least July. At present anyone arriving in the country must quarantine for 14 days. 

Lockdown measures have eased in about half of the country where bars, shops and restaurants can open, albeit at reduced capacity. Barcelona and Madrid remain in lockdown. 

Restrictions: Authorities “highly recommend” the use of face masks for all activities outside the home where social distancing cannot be guaranteed. Face masks on public transport are obligatory



Post-lockdown: No date has been set by Lisbon for the reopening of borders. Yesterday, Portugal’s prime minister said beaches would reopen from June 6, with 1.5 metres social distancing and beach sports, such as volleyball, limited to no more than two people. Hotels in the country plan to start reopening from June 1. Each room must be unoccupied for at least 24 hours between guests 

Restrictions: Use of non-surgical masks is mandatory in enclosed spaces, such as supermarkets, public transport and airports. Public transport capacity is limited to two thirds. Gatherings of more than ten people are banned






Post-lockdown: Borders are due to reopen to tourists on June 3. On Monday Milan joined the rest of the country in reopening cafés and restaurants and allowing friends to meet. Beaches are due to follow suit, albeit with rules including umbrellas being five metres apart. Some hotels are likely to reopen in June.

Restrictions: Facemasks are mandatory in enclosed public spaces



Post-lockdown: The French border will remain closed until at least June 15 and no confirmation has been given on when Britons may be able to enter the country for non-essential reasons. Cafés and restaurants in the country are likely to reopen from June 2. Beaches are slowly reopening. 

Restrictions: Facemasks are mandatory on public transport, including the Eurostar. French residents are currently allowed to travel up to 100km from their home


United States

Post-lockdown: Trump’s erratic handling of the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in state-by-state differences in restrictions. Tourist hot spots such as California and New York are currently subject to stay-at-home orders. Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming never issued statewide stay-at-home orders. 

Restrictions: Britons flying from the UK are currently banned from entering the US. International flights can land at only 13 airports in the US. Any requirement to wear a facemask is made at state level



Post-lockdown: Greece is planning on opening for tourism from June 1, earlier than previously anticipated. Some beaches have already opened albeit with strict social distancing measures in place. On Monday customers were allowed to sit down in restaurants and tavernas. Beach bars remain closed. 

Restrictions: Greece is offering to drop its 14-day quarantine on arriving Britons if the UK reciprocates. Cruise ships are banned from docking in Greek ports. From Monday yachts from outside Greece (and without passengers) were allowed to dock at Greek ports. Crew will undergo mandatory health screening



Post-lockdown: Tourism accounts for a tenth of the Turkish economy, so Ankara is keen to get the industry going again. The country is currently in lockdown. There are hopes some hotels and beaches will reopen to foreigners from the end of the month. 

Restrictions: Travellers arriving from overseas must quarantine for 14 days and no end date for this has been agreed. Facemasks are mandatory in public places and on public transport. Sun loungers will be placed 1.5m apart when beaches open



Post-lockdown: Some cafés and restaurants will be allowed to reopen from June 29 with hotels following suit on July 20. Pubs, bars and nightclubs are likely to reopen from August 10. Ireland is keen to attract tourists from the UK once restrictions ease. 

Restrictions: Some vital air and ferry links between the UK and Ireland remain open, but anyone arriving must self-isolate for 14 days

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