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Calculate your Sweat Loss

Sweat rate is KEY to understanding your body and how much fluid you require. Once you know your fluid loss, over DIFFERENT temperatures, then you know how much you need to drink per hour to stay hydrated.



Here's how to calculate it:

The amount of fluid intake will be determined by the amount of fluids you loss.  

The calculation seems long winded but in reality all you need is a reliable set of weighing scales and follow the protocol below.

You can record all the measurements in either metric or imperial units.

Sweat Rate = { (pre-exercise wght (A) - post-exercise wght (B)) + (fluid intake (C) - urine volume (D)) } ÷ Exercise time in hours (E)

Sweat Intake =(A - B) + (C - D)




A - Immediately before exercise commences, empty your bladder and record you weight 

You can do this nude or a swim suit 

B - Immediately after training, empty your bladder again and re-weigh yourself. You should be wearing (or not if nude) the same custom as in A.

Do not wear this custom during training as it will likely become heavier with sweat. 

Which ever way you decided, ensure you have towelled yourself dry after exercise.

C - Record your total fluid intake during exercise

D - The messy bit, catching your urine and weighing it

E - Total numbers of hours spent training for that session





Things to be aware of;

Heat, humidity and raised Heart Rate levels (for example, through high intensity training) will increase sweat loss. 

As a result of this, we suggest you measure your sweat loss during a range of activity and conditions. This will build a good data base for you to use no matter where or when you race or train and help you build a race day re-hydration strategy. 


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