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Adopt a Pro Cycling Style – Train in the Early Season

Training in the early months of the year brings profound cycling benefits.  Base miles can be increased, fitness improved, and cycling technique refined. These elements combine to make you a better rider.

Blog written by SportActive Cycling



Adopt the Mindset of a Professional Cyclist

Pro peloton teams have realised the benefits of early season training this for a long time.  Every year, in Mallorca, you will see the Chris Froomes and Alberto Contadors burning rubber in the Tramuntana Mountain Range and riding hard on the Cap Formentor road.  Their coaches have realised that by putting riders through their paces now, pays dividends later on in the year. 

As such, it makes sense that to adopt a pro style you do as the pros do.  Getting out for an hour or two will help you build fitness in the first instance.  It is not just about fitness building, however, as adopting a better technique will make you a far better rider.



Think about:

Pacing/nutrition – will you hit the wall or will you finish the ride in style?

Pelotons positioning -are you riding safely and reducing wind resistance?

Cornering / braking – are you cornering and braking well, or are you often left pedalling in a too high, or low a gear?

Climbing/descending – how good are you on hills?  Can you descend safely as well as quickly?

Unless you have quiet roads to ride with varied terrain, getting the opportunity to perfect these elements may prove problematic. The pros are riding in the cycling paradise of Mallorca which is a world away from most cities in Europe. Temperatures in their early season are around 20°C with little chance of rain.  Dublin, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast could see snow, wind, and rain with temperatures to match. This makes cycling that much harder for you and me.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for route ideas you can always check Strava. Cycling is hugely popular and many of your fellow cyclists use the app to track their progress. Alternatively, you can explore quieter routes which should let you work on your techniques.



Perfecting Techniques

There is plenty of information online to perfect your techniques including online videos. This should be able to help you get better times and take on greater challenges. There is also information about classic routes and sportives which you can set as cycling goals.

To get a true pro style it is advisable to have some form of cycle coaching, preferably from a good expert cycling coach. Mallorca operates plenty of good cycling tours in the early season, one of which you can discover by clicking here.

With this in mind keep cycling especially in the early season and become a better rider.

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