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6 Ways to get your training out of a Rut

Completing the same routine week in week out gives you an idea of your progress, but sometimes sticking to the same routine may kill your enthusiasm. Changing sessions helps freshen up your mind and also your body appreciates the new challenges you set for it.



1. Go do some cross training.

If you are bored with your routine, spice things up with some sessions in an alternative sport. Many top level athletes complete a cross-training training camp during the long dark periods of the winter months. You may find that you enjoy this alternative sport enough to keep 1 or 2 sessions per week when you go back to your normal routine.


2. Train somewhere different. 

Don’t just go to the same training venue, try someplace new. If you train in a gym, move some sessions to outdoors. If you are a road cyclist, get the MTB out of the shed. Study the GPS for different terrain.





3. Find a training partner.

Maybe the person on the treadmill next to you is going through the same thing. Both of you are wanting to get out on the road. Other people may have their own routes you may like to explore. Your local sports shops are a good source of new routes and most serious shops have training groups based at their premises.


4. Reset your goals. 

Look at short-term goals to improve specific areas of your performance. This may be the transition of the race; can you improve changing out of your wetsuit faster, or aim to improve your core strength and stability in a 2 week period.  Can you improve your refuelling strategy and your recovery program?



5. Go race. 

For some athletes, you train most of the year but only race a few times. Why not consider a few local events where you can practise specific goals under race situations but without the pressure of having to perform on the larger stage. Alternatively try something completely different like a Tough Mudder event; the only winners are the ones who cross the finish line.


6. Change the way you analyse your sessions.

Do you use GPS, heart rate monitors, lap timers or none of the above? If you are into technology, pack them away and just go out and train without the anxiety of wanting to know how you are doing. Listen to your body and let it tell you how hard it is working.

If you don’t train with technology, then using data feedback will re-energise you. You can concentrate on even pacing, or ensure that you gradually increase your speed throughout the session without having to guess.


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