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6 Things your pee can tell you

Use your next call of Nature to check your health. What comes out of your body can tell you a lot about what is going on inside you.




Use these colours to guide you to better training


Dark yellow colour:

You’re dehydrated which will not only cause training and competition shortfalls but may lead to bladder conditions later in life. If you are close to empty, your body tries to conserve what fluids you have. This will make it more concentrated and allow the unwanted chemicals in your urine to have more contact with your bladder’s lining than is healthy.  This is the cause of irritation, incontinence or an infection

Action: Drink more so that you can pee clear or light yellow. Take a note of your intake and pee colours. Each time you pee is an opportunity to fine-tune your intake.


Syrup Colour: 

This could be due to massive dehydration. Drinking more, becoming more hydrated will revert the colour back to a more diluted, paler yellow. But, if you are hydrating properly and the colour doesn’t change it could be an indication of liver problems. 

Action: Review your re-hydration plan and adjust accordingly. Constantly review and if the colour doesn’t change, then organise a visit to your doctors





Red urine:

This would say that you have blood in your pee. This could be caused by blood thinners but also more serious conditions such as trauma, kidney infection, etc

Action: This would mean a visit to your doctor as soon as possible even if you are taking blood thinners.


Strong-smelling urine:

Bacteria within your pee can cause a urinary tract infection (UTI) and thus a strong smell. This is sometimes coupled with a burning feeling when you pee and/or possibly cloudy pee.

Action: Firstly, rule out the possibility of any food and drink you have taken that day. For example, some vegetables and/or coffee (if you are dehydrated) can cause smells. After this, a visit to your doctors is highly recommended.


Foamy or bubbly urine:

When the filter system within your kidneys is malfunctioning, it could lead to a build-up of unwanted protein in your pee. It is this protein that creates the foamy appearance.

Action: This could be a sign of kidney disease and needs to be checked by a doctor.


Increased urgency or frequency:

No, this may not be “over” hydrated. This may mean that you have an enlarged prostate. If this gland grows, it will put pressure on the track through which you pee leading to the feeling of urgency and the need to go even when you don’t have to.

Action: Don’t drink less as this will lead to dehydration. Seek the advice of the doctor.


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