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4 basic rules of supplements

4 basic things to consider when thinking of taking supplements 





Do you remember; Alain Baxter, the skier who won Britain's first downhill skiing medal at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics? 

Baxter had bought a Vicks inhaler whilst in the United States, the same branded product he had purchased in the UK. The UK product had been cleared for use but the inhaler he'd purchased in the US contained a banned substance; methamphetamine.  

Baxter failed the post-race drugs test when 20 millionths of a gram of methamphetamine was found in his urine. He was stripped of his Olympic Medal.






Do you remember; The Austrian Men’s coxless four who were a strong medal contender for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. 

In August 2003 three of the four were tested positive for Nandrolone. They had been a nutritional supplement recommended by the Austrian anti-doping agency’s web-site. The product carried an approve test certificate. 

However, unknown to the 3 rowers, one batch had not been tested.


Do you remember; Olympic medallist, Silken Laumann who took an "innocent" cough medication.  

The Canadian team doctor recommended Laumann take "Benadryl" for her developing cold, an over the counter antistamine that did not contain banned substances. Laumann went to her local pharmacy and bought "Benadryl Decongestant Allergy". Laumann did not check the label which showed it contained pseudo-ephedrine. 

Later, as Laumann's cold became worse, another team doctor confirmed to Laumann that "Benadryl" was acceptable but he didn't check which type she was taking. 

Laumann failed a post race test which revealed 29 micrograms of pseudo-ephedrine in her urine compared to the legal limit of 10 micrograms.


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