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Why Athletics is so Unique

Athletics (Track and field).

Article written by 2Madeira.com


People have always performed athletics-type exercises - running, jumping, walking, throwing… that is why, according to the opinion of many coaches, athletics is considered to be the very life of a healthy man.

The first recorded athletics competitions were held back in 776 BC in Ancient Greece. Sport in those days was a cult - during archaeological excavations dishes with a picture of powerful bodies of athletes in motion are often found. From the end of XVIII century various countries began to hold competitions for certain types of athletics. For example, in 1789 - Germany, pole vaulting, in 1838 - Ireland, shot put. A variety of disciplines were already included in the program of the first Olympic Games in 1896.


Nowadays at the Olympics medals are competed for in races of various distances (from 100 to 10 000 m) – with obstacles, hurdles and without, relay race, marathon, long jump and high jump (with pole vault and without), walking, decathlon (for men) and the heptathlon (women), shot put, discus throw, hammer and javelin.

In athletics, you will find one of the most stringent doping control regimes as, according to unofficial sources, almost 40% of the world's leading athletes are taking banned substances?

Athletics is unique because anyone can choose an event to suit their own taste and physique. And expenses for a workout for all disciplines are practically minimal - sports clothing, trainers and a bit of time for yourself.

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