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Ride Marmotte: Test your Limits in the French Alps

Marmotte Granfondo Alpes is the toughest alpine sportive in Europe. 

Every year six thousand riders take on the challenge of riding in the French Alps.  The routes take in the big four mountains used in the Tour de France.  If you are looking for a Tour de France challenge and a sportive atmosphere, well Marmotte has everything you could want.

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                             SportActive riders gathering before the off .....

Riding Marmotte takes you over some of the biggest challenges in cycling, namely, the big four cols of Glandon, Télégraphe, Galiber, and Alpe d’Huez with its famous hairpin bends.  Some of the gradients exceed 10%.  Marmotte is 174 kms of ride, so completing the sportive will test you.  If you have never ridden the Sportive before, it is difficult to estimate how hard your limits will be pushed.

Nonetheless, for all the effort, the feeling of accomplishment cannot be overstated.  You will also gain a better understanding at how good professional riders are.

Your Tour de France Experience

As you progress in the sport of cycling you will take on greater and greater challenges.  This is a natural progression, and you have probably already ridden a few sportives.  There are plenty around UK and Ireland.  Marmotte, however, is a sportive that not just provides an exciting col conquering challenge; it also provides you with a chance to live your Tour de France dream.



One of the great things about Marmotte is the size of the peloton.  Being part of 7500 riders gives you the ‘big event’ feel.  The atmosphere is fantastic as you set off from the start line, and this is maintained until you cross the finish line, 174 kms later.  This is heightened by the fact you are riding the same roads as some of the best riders ever to have lived.  Greats such as Sean Kelly, Bradley Wiggins, and Alberto Contador, have all taken themselves to the limit on the same roads that you are riding.  This feeling is hard to explain and even harder to surpass.

Discover your Tour de France

To discover your Tour de France, ensure you take on the challenge of Marmotte.  The long, winding, and challenging roads are there to be ridden, and you can’t help but appreciate the spectacular beauty of the French Alps.



                SportActive riders enjoying the by-the-roadside support ....

The best tour operators will take care of everything so all you have to do is turn up and ride.  They will give you full support on the day and arrange your registration.  At SportActive we provide all this and more.  So click here and discover the Marmotte Sportive.



Make it your great ride in 2017.


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