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Portugal: Opened for Training Camps

Portugal is vying with Greece to be the safest tourist destination in Europe


Portugal is opened for business says Portugal’s Prime Minister, Antonio Costa.




Uefa announced last week it had chosen Lisbon to host the delayed Champions League final in August. One example of the backing Portugal has received. 

“Confidence will be one of the differentiating factors at the moment of choosing where to go on holidays,” Antonio Costa, the prime minister, told CNN last week after launching a campaign to welcome back tourists. “We are among the countries that tested the most. We’re one of the countries that better knows the real spread of the virus, where the numbers are the safest and where people can come with confidence.” 





Despite having one of Europe’s oldest populations, it has one of the lowest death rates. The whole of the Algarve saw only 15 deaths. 

This is a country that takes the security of the people seriously. Signs for free coronavirus tests are everywhere. At restaurants your waiter will be wearing a mask and you’ll have to use the hand sanitiser when you go in. And Portugal is really, really strict about masks. No shop will let you in without one. If you haven’t got a mask, there are machines on the street that dispense four for €1. 

Rules for what they call “state of calamity” are posted everywhere. Signs give warning to keep beach towels 1.5 metres apart and umbrellas 3 metres apart and to download a beach app to check if your desired location already has too many people. Monitors in white and green uniforms patrol the area.


No entry by road or rail

Wizz Air is flying from Luton to Lisbon, Porto and Faro, and it is also possible to fly to Portugal with British Airways. 

There is temperature screening but no quarantine on arrival to mainland Portugal, though you will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days for the Azores or Madeira, or to produce a negative Covid-19 test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival. 

Since the Foreign Office is still advising against all but essential travel, your travel insurance will be invalid if you decide to holiday in Portugal. 

And do not think you can drive there either. Entering the country via road or rail is prohibited. 

Go to reopen.europa.eu for the latest advice.


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