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Madeira; A training experience worth sharing.

Pearl ofthe Atlantic, Hawaii of the Atlantic, Atlántida… it is given different names – Madeira Island. The splendor of nature, hospitality of the islanders, the true place for sport! 



For athletes, there is a modern sports complex, which is built in one of the most beautiful gorges on the island. For swimmers, there is an opportunity to train in the Olympic swimming pool, which is located in the heart of the island.



In addition to the activities at the sports complex or Olympic swimming pool, you can enjoy the beauty of the island, by conducting a workout outdoors. Madeira has a large number of mountain trails both for walking and for running. Each trail has its own level of complexity, and before going on one of them, you need to evaluate your physical abilities. If you prefer running on a flat surface, the mountain plateau is completely at your disposal. Swimmers can combine training in the swimming pool and in the open ocean. This diversity of possible training venues only adds to the fun of your training camp.


The island breathes sport. Madeira has produced a number of famous sportsmen on the world stage. Become one of them! 

2MADEIRA.COM team will provide you with a full service, starting from meeting you at the airport, accommodation at hotel/villa, workouts in a sports complex/Olympic swimming pool, ending with assistance throughout your stay, to make your travel less about hassle and more about comfort!

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