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Low Cost Airfares to Madeira

Flying to Madeira with EasyJet and other low cost AirCarriers is as cheap as flying to Mallorca or the Canary Islands



“I want to go Madeira, but flight tickets eat my budget… use Internet!”

A few people we have talked to have been surprised when we have told them about cheap flights to Madeira. The perception is that only the Canary Islands and Mallorca attract EasyJet etc.


Please check the images below,



…and that is not a Photoshop,


Bristol, Edinburgh, London, Manchester… direct flight from main UK airports, same for Europe with other airlines. In addition, there are lot of charters with good ticket prices flying to Madeira from main Europe cities. Where to find it? Tons of website offering good tickets. Prices may vary from 100,- euro to 200,- euro both directions with baggage included!


If you want to go 2Madeira, but still experience difficulties in searching proper tickets, send us an email, and our team will help you to find good ones. Short instruction:

1.       Choose your camp

2.       Send us an inquiry with your question

3.       Get answers

4.       Book camp

5.       Book tickets

6.       Enjoy your stay J




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