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I will definitely come back

Interview with UK athlete Mathew Beech who visited 2MADEIRA.COM training camp.

“I will definitely come back!”


Mathew Beech, a journalist, reporter for a trade magazine, an athlete and a coach from Sittingbourne, England. His sport life began in childhood, playing football in the park with friends. In the age of eleven joined the football club playing all the way until twenty. In his university years became an athlete. After graduation started gaining coaching qualifications. Mathew shared with us his experience visiting 2MADEIRA.COM sports camp.


Mathew Beech track run


Mathew, why have you chosen for sports camp 2MADEIRA.COM? How did you find us?

– There was a website, Which Training Camp, which listed lots of different places like Albufeira, Madeira was obviously one, and few others. I have not been in Madeira before. I followed the 2MADEIRA link, it looks good, covered everything I wanted to. Got in touch, and here I am now.

What are your impressions of your stay on Madeira Island?

– I`ll definitely come back, so It`s been good impressions. Fantastic island, lots of things, lots of what to do. Facilities and the track, and the gym are brilliant really. Yeah, I will definitely come back!


Mathew Beech levada walk 2


What advantages and disadvantages do you see training here?

– It`s not around the corner from home as a disadvantage, it takes a bit of finding (smiles). Advantage was, so, facilities are great, it`s a very nice track, It`s warm weather training, you don`t have to be wrapped in tracksuits and jackets, worrying about cold and weather.

Are you satisfied with service that provides 2MADEIRA.COM team?

– Service has been fantastic, everything I expected and more. Really, I was… could only expecting to be transferred from the airport and then lifts to and from the track, but you provided me with the chance to see much more of the island and experience much more of what there is, like the walk along levadas, everything also.. yeah, it`s been everything I expected and lot more.

Will you advise your friends/acquaintances, visit 2MADEIRA.COM training camp?

– Yeah, I definitely gonna tell my friends and club and convince them to be back with more of us next year.

Mathew Beech visited Madeira Island in December 2015. Spend a week. During that time he managed fulfill his training plan, tried Madeira cuisine, discovered few levada trails, enjoyed Atlantic ocean and dived in mountain lagoon.

2MADEIRA.COM – Experience worth sharing!

Mathew Beech ocean swim


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