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High Altitude training, Addis Ababa

Flatfoot Sam runner, Jon, visited the Yaya Athletes Village High Altitude Training Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and sent Which Training Camp this report


It was definitely worth the trip and to be honest, it was really not too hard to get to.
Heathrow 8pm flight and then 8 hour flight with time difference gets you into Addis around 7am.
I would highly recommend getting YaYa to pick you up to save all the hassle and then about 35mins in a car with them gets you to YaYa.
Facilities are basic as you'd expect but clean and adequate and obviously WiFi does what it wants but the grounds felt safe and food was good and cheap.
There is a dirt 400m track in the compound and the all weather track is only 10 mins jog away which costs about £10 for foreigners; expensive by their standards but not so for us.

You can get a running guide via the hotel which I chose to do on the second day as I wasn't clear on where to run out of the compound safely. My guide is a 30m 10k man so was able to give me the paces I wanted. We went in the nearby forests on the first time out and flatlands and fields second time.

I ran 5k down past the village and back twice as a 10k recovery run alongside the road but it is dusty and busy with traffic and you get quite a bit of attention as a lunatic white man running out there by yourself but most of the locals will smile and wave back if you wave or give a thumbs up a shaka.

I did a tempo on the dirt track on the Tue and then ended up with a longer run on the day before I returned home for about 1.5hrs with my guide again. I gave him about £20 for the three runs I did with him and really recommend it. 

Mo Farah was staying there when I was there and a few other internationals which was really inspiring.
Creature comforts no but perfectly fine and at 2,700m there are not that many places you can experience training at this altitude. Running with a guide was a real plus to feel safe and know that you won't get lost plus a sense of safety from any stray dogs etc. which all seemed fine actually. I didn't feel threatened by any people or animals but obviously going out there by yourself can put you at slightly less ease than a group in some circumstances.
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