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Flying to Madeira, Cheaper than You Might Think

One of the great (among many) things about travel in Europe is a plethora of cheap dependable airlines to get you from A to B. Flying to Madeira is no exception.



Madeira is not far from continental Europe. But because of its proximity to Africa and location out in the Atlantic people think of it as further away than it is. Below we’ve scratched together a bit of data to help illustrate just how accessible Madeira can be for a lot less than you might imagine.

Getting to Funchal (airport FNC Madeira) from pretty well anywhere in the United Kingdom is no problem thanks to Easyjet. Flights from Manchester, London Gatwick, Edinburgh and Bristol are all available for under 50 euros. Additionally the islands can be reached from Paris or Amsterdam on Transavia for around 100 euros. Domestic flights from Lisbon and Porto on TAP can be had for around the 100 euro mark as well. And lastly Vueling has quite a few affordable options from Madrid or Barcelona for economical prices.



But what if you don’t live in one of these cities mentioned? That’s okay, a new website called Kiwi (Kiwi.com) has come up with a solution. You can now search for flights that include a connection with a non-partner airline. So what that means is if you’re from Berlin you can fly Wizzair or Ryanair to London and connect with Easyjet to Madeira. This can represent substantial savings, and while it may take a little longer it can definitely be worth it. Kiwi is worth a couple minutes of playing around, you never know what you’ll find.



The prices quoted above are samples taken from June 2016, and prices are always changing. Sometimes they’re up and sometimes down. A good rule of thumb is to book 1-2 months in advance and be flexible on the day that you fly. This is another way to ensure lower flight costs.

The bottom line is that with some of these budget carriers such as Easyjey, Vueling, and Transavia, Madeira is more accessible than ever. So what are you waiting for!


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