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5 Day Virtual Triathlete Boot Camp

5 Day Virtual Boot Camp, starts 3rd June

There has been a lot of interest in Golden Triathlon Coaching 5 Day Virtual Triathlete Boot Camp, and for good reasons. Here is an overview of their Virtual camp run in May 2020


By Gyl Golden of Golden Triathlon Coaching



It’s a difficult time right now for most athletes as races have either been cancelled or postponed until 2021. So now what? How do you train? It’s important not to train too hard as if the races were still happening but at the same time, you shouldn’t just drop everything. It can be challenging to find the right balance as well as to maintain motivation.

It’s great that there are so many virtual races and challenges out there to keep athletes focused on a goal but it’s all too easy to injure yourself. Before COVID, would you really race every weekend? Would you actually join all the multiple challenges on social media? Probably not.

It’s for this reason that Golden Triathlon Coaching has proposed short boot camp sessions to serve in helping athletes train smart to maintain fitness while avoiding over training and injury. The camp is designed in a cohesive training plan format so that sessions are logically arranged and designed to maintain agility and increase strength.

Our first boot camp started May 13th with close to 50 participants at varying levels and what we learned was that most participants were struggling with staying motivated and were on a time crunched schedule. Being short on time available to train is a normal circumstance for most of our athletes. Therefore, during the camp, the majority of our sessions were approximately 30 mins with the possibility to extend for longer sessions. Sessions were composed of indoor trainer workouts, strength & conditioning with minimal equipment and prescribed run outings. Many of the sessions included focus on technique in all three disciplines.

While I am a coach, I am still an active athlete and during this period I have struggled with motivation and keeping a positive outlook. But in leading this boot camp, I was able to feed off of the energy of the other athletes as well as it is certain that they benefited from each other. Once joining the group it’s like anything else; you get out of it what you put into it. What was clear is that the people who got the sessions done with me live or the very same day appeared to get a lot out of the experience. Of course we can appreciate that many work full time and have important commitments which is why sessions stay up in the group so that everyone can follow them when they find time.

A new 5- Day Boot Camp will start June 3rd and of course we will have made some adjustments to improve the experience as well as we collect feedback from members at the start in order to create a training plan that suits their needs as best we can. Everyone is different but we try, at least, to follow the requests that suit the majority. Once joining the group for June 3rd, new group members can also do the sessions posted from the last boot camp intake. 

To find out more information about this 5 Day Virtual Triathlete Boot Camp starting 3rd June, contact ...   


Even if races are cancelled and you're not using one to one coaching services, it's still a good idea to train with purpose and follow a plan adapted to this period where we are stuck in limbo. In following a plan designed by a coach, you benefit from experience and expertise. There are measures of accountability and sessions are designed to save you time and prevent injury. This upcoming free boot camp is a way for you to go through the process and hopefully set you up to continue training once the camp has finished. Come visit us on our Facebook page at Golden Triathlon Coaching and join the Boot Camp Group.







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