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3 key reasons to take a SunTri triathlon & Ironman training camp

David Harwood has just finished the morning cycling session in Mallorca and despite some weary legs, can’t wait to start the forthcoming SunTri triathlon and Ironman training camps.



David explains his enthusiasm; “I believe we have several unique factors that enables SunTri to arguably offer the best triathlon and Ironman training camps: we’ve been able to pull together an outstandingly well qualified international coaching team; our coaching team can deliver specific Ironman race experience along with other triathlon distances and we have spacious resort style accommodation different from a traditional hotel or villa that offers plenty of training space and onsite facilities”.

Looking at the coaching team, it does look extremely strong. It includes Rob Griffiths, Steffi and Gerry Steinberg, Alastair Irvine, Di and Scott Murray and Bernat Vallori Mairata. Rob, Di and Scott are BTF Level 3 coaches, Steffi & Gerry hold equivalent German Licenses and there is an abundance of knowledge covering triathlon, Ironman and endurance events from sprint to double Ironman and 24 hour races. Finding this depth of coaching experience, especially at the longer end, is a real boon to anyone wanting to face the ultimate Ironman challenge.


Everyone has worked with triathletes of all abilities, from beginners to international levels; Rob works with both professional triathletes and age group World and European champions, is a British Triathlon Coach Mentor and Scott is a BTF Kaizen High Performing Coach Development Programme and is a Triathlon England Regional Head Coach.

So with this wealth of experience, what is the coaching philosophy of the training camps? David continues; “We have three key areas critical to triathletes at all levels on which we focus; technique, skills and efficiency. The longer the course the greater the importance of these three elements and as we expect more athletes to take on longer course events SunTri aims to make their Ironman journey more focused on these areas to achieve success.

“The coaching team begin by understanding the inherent skills of athletes arriving on camp, the level they come to us and their personal objectives. We need to understand the athlete and from there we build individual goals.



“Everyone is filmed swimming and receives a run analysis; the accommodation has a training pool where we can video and grass field for running drills, whilst the Open Water Swim sessions are in the sea only a 200 metre walk away from the accommodation. Each day we have a coach and triathlete team wrap-up meeting that gives us plenty of time for feedback & video analysis sessions.

“Di adds value to the team through her sports psychology expertise, working with the triathletes to build their mental strength for training and coping with race situations, both of which are so important over the longer distances.

“We have a hugely successful cycling set up with our SunVelo division which is also based in Mallorca, only 3km away. This allows us to dovetail the triathlete cycling sessions in with the SunVelo cycling sessions. Immersing the triathletes with experienced cyclists helps to develop group riding skills”. And the impressive return booking figures for SunVelo speak volumes for the quality of the cycling set up.

“The accommodation isn’t a hotel or villa but it offers individual, fully fitted and self-contained lodges suitable for single occupancy or 2 people sharing.”


SunTri triathlon and Ironman training camps begin 9th April until 15th May and include a specific Open Water Swim camp and a Mallorca 70.3 Ironman preparation camp. Prices start from £575.00

See more about the SunTri coaching team …. {link}

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