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Adventure Mindful

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Adventure Mindful

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Name:Adventure Mindful
Phone:+1 920.740.5231

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Adventure Mindful was founded by professional ultra-runner Timothy Allen Olson who is the two-time winner and record holder of Western States 100 Mile race.

He created Run Mindful Retreats based in Boulder, Colorado and other ideal trail running locations focusing on running, nutrition and mindfulness workshops.   

Timothy explains: “The primary topic is mindfulness, being taught through a shared love of trails. We will not focus on how to run or topics like running form, performance nutrition, racing, increasing speed; those talks will happen organically but the emphasis will be on running/hiking in the present moment and bringing that serenity from the trails to everyday life.”

Run Mindful Retreats are life-changing experiences that look at running holistically.

Each Retreat will focus on:
- Living in the moment, connecting with nature
- Bringing meditation into your running and life
- Eating delicious & healthy whole foods
- Creating community by enjoying time with other trail-running enthusiasts
- Traveling to awesome mountain towns and exploring new trails

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