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Family Swim Holidays


Coaches: In House
Start Date: 19/07/2020
End Date: 26/07/2020
Sports: Swimming
Location: Mallorca
Price from: €635


Another Family Swim Holiday summer has ended and we are already looking forward to 2020. We had some amazing times, created amazing memories and made friends that will last a lifetime.

This year saw some amazing biathlons, medicine ball throws, 100m challenge sets and perhaps the best year ever for parent’s biathlon participation! The Award Ceremonies and Talent Shows were the best we’ve ever had, while the level of table tennis in both swimmers and parents tournaments throughout the summer was incredible! The only thing that seems not to improve is the quality of jokes at the awards ceremony speeches.

As with every year, in summer 2020 we be running Family Swim Holidays in May/June and then from July all the way until the end of August.

In Summer 2020, we will also be running Family Triathlon Holidays in July and August.


“Our goal for each athlete is to have fun, learn, meet new friends, and take a great attitude about their sport back to his or her home club."WHAT'S INCLUDEDThe  swim  holiday  will  be  run  by  British  Olympic  swimmers  and  former  British record holders as well as ASA qualified coaches. The  holiday  will  comprise  of  9  x  2  hour  swimming  sessions  for  7  day  holidays and 13 x 2 hour swim sessions for the 10 day holiday, accompanied by dry land and stretching exercises.

The focus will be on:

» Technique work

» Kicking

» Starts and turns

» Breakouts

» And having the most fun you can possibly have in a week of swimming.

When the children are training, parents are free to do their own thing and explore some of the beautiful sights of the island, or sit in the sun and watch your children train. Parents will also have the opportunity to use the pool and the gym, free of charge whilst the kids train!

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