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Kenyan Original Experience


Coaches: In House
Start Date: 04/08/2019
End Date: 17/08/2019
Sports: Running
Location: Iten, Kenya
Price from: £1,200


Open to runners of all abilities - Venue: High Altitude Training Centre, Iten Kenya

The Kenya Experience camps are 2 week Running Holidays which are suitable for runners of all levels. The training schedules are designed to give guests an authentic taste of running ‘The Kenyan way’ but always tailored to individual abilities and experiences by our coaching team. 

The camps are about more than just running and as well as guided runs, coached workouts and practical workshops we will also have Coaching Seminars, Q&A’s and visits to local athlete homes and training camps.  The Kenya Experience program is designed to give you insider access into the world of Kenyan running as well as to immerse you in the local culture in Iten.

Training & Coaching

  • Fully coached training sessions
  • Kenyan style training
  • Our coaches are experienced with runners of all levels
  • Local guide runners are provided to show you the best trails
  • Training includes Long Runs, Speed Workouts, Hills, Fartlek and Recovery Run
  • We will also run Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility, and Mobility workouts
  • None of the workouts are compulsory and we are happy for you to follow your own programme


The standard cost of the camp includes:

  • Return Transfers from Eldoret Airport to Iten
  • 13 nights full board accommodation at the High Altitude Training Centre
  • Full use of camp facilities (Gym, Pool, Sauna, TV Room/Lounge)
  • Full Coaching Programme
  • Coached Running Workouts
  • All runs led by local guide athletes
  • Coached Non Running Workouts (gym, technique etc)
  • Non running activities including coaching seminars, q&a’s with top Kenyan runners, visits to local athlete camps and much more. (See camp activities above)


For further details about this Running Training Camp, please Read More