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October Running Holiday


Company: Embrace Sports
Coaches: In House
Start Date: 05/10/2019
End Date: 12/10/2019
Sports: Running
Location: Portugal
Price from: £625


Reserve your place on this October Running Holiday. When It’s cooling down in other parts of the world the sun is still shining in the Algarve, Portugal. This running training camp is your chance to dedicate a week to training while also having fun and exploring this great location.


Included Package
Although our packages are not advertised as ‘all inclusive’ they are not far off. Other than getting there, the odd coffee, a couple of meals out and any souvenir shopping, you don’t need to spend much more.
- Transfers
- Accommodation
- Training
- Coaching
- Embrace Coaches
- Catering
- Table wine

Our locations were originally selected because of the beauty of the running routes that we discovered. The Algarve host’s breathtaking coastal tracks, woodland trail runs and flat beaches that span over 6km. The Pyrenees puts size into perspective as you are dwarfed when running by (or up!) the enormous surrounding cols.

We mix each week up to showcase the best of what each location has to offer. All our routes are suitable for a novice through to a championship runner. We normally run two sessions a day and will sit with you at the start of the week to go over what sessions will be most beneficial for you. With clear markings, hydration and Embrace leading the way, you will find the running not only challenging but very rewarding

Ability Level
No matter what your ability level is we design our training weeks to allow all shapes and sizes, age groups and ability levels to train with each other and share the same amazing experiences.

Every athlete that attends an Embrace Sports training holiday has his or her own story and journey to share within the sport.

We design, facilitate and support each training session so that everyone trains at the same time but gets out exactly what they are after.

We have been delivering these training holidays for over 7 years and mastered the art of making mixed abilities work. Whether you consider yourself a tortoise or a hare we understand any concerns you may have, as you are part of the majority, and want to ensure you that you will be taken care of


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