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Technique Courses


Company: Swim For Tri
Coaches: Dan Bullock
In House
Start Date: 01/01/2019
End Date: 30/12/2019
Sports: Swimming
Location: UK
Price from: £165


Swim for Tri’s Technique courses will help you feel more confident and relaxed in the water, leaving you with a greater understanding of your stroke and what you need to do to continue improving. Our expert coaches will provide you with ample feedback and drill recommendations to help get your swimming on track for a successful season of swimming and racing.

These courses run for 8 weeks and are located around the London Area.

About Learn Front Crawl
This course is for either someone who can swim but wants to learn frontcrawl. Or for someone that can swim a length or 2 frontcrawl but has difficulty co-ordinating breathing.
Course Format
Week 1: Introductions, streamlining, breathing and kicking
Week 2: Streamlining, leg kicking and breathing
Week 3: Breathing, arm cycle and timing of breath
Week 4: Timing and fullstroke
Week 5: Timing and rotation
Week 6: Leg action and rotation
Week 7: Kicking, arm cycle and rotation
Week 8: Review and recap of F/C

About Develop Front Crawl
This course is for swimmers who can swim frontcrawl,  with face in the water breathing to the side for at least 200m. This course is designed to improve your current stroke.
Course Format
Week 1: Introductions, streamlining and kicking
Week 2: Rotation and arm recovery
Week 3: Rotation and timing
Week 4: Rotation and timing recap
Week 5: Feel for the water
Week 6: The catch
Week 7: Underwater pull
Week 8: The developing stroke


For further details on these Fitness Workshops and other Swim for Tri Swimming Training Camps, please see ....

Coach Profiles

  • Dan is a keen Swimmer and Triathlete who has helped thousands get fit and fast for adventures from their first novice TRI to the Channel Swim. Dan's accolades include being National Masters Champion (2008/09), a British AG Record Holder (800m), European Masters Medallist and a Double-Ironman finisher. 220 magazine Triathlon Coach of the Year 2005/6  
  • Information on the In House coaching team is usually held on the relevant company's page under the "Coaching" tab. Click on the Company names on the top right hand side of this page to do through to the company's page. For venues who have a lot of visiting coaches and the coaches are not yet listed on our site; there would be a small description with the camp details.