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Train Better, Race Better Workshop


Company: Running Forever
Start Date: 24/02/2019
End Date: 24/02/2019
Sports: Running
Location: UK
Price from: £45


This four-hour workshop will show you how to train more effectively to meet your performance goals. You'll learn how to figure out realistic time aims for your chosen races, the key types of sessions for different distances, how to get the most out of every session and how to structure a programme that works for you, balancing training with recovery and minimising the risk of injury. 

We'll also talk about race preparation and execution, including fuelling. This workshop will include a fully coached training session that will enable you to calculate appropriate pacing for all your training runs.


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Coach Profiles

  • A qualified coach and well-known running expert and author, Sam has worked with everyone from beginners just setting out on their running journey to those striving to break three hours in the marathon, qualify for Good for Age places or take on their first ultra – and everything in between! She has a special interest in running form and has helped many runners learn to run better, reducing injuries and improving performance.
  • A lifelong runner and qualified coach, Jeff has a talent for identifying what is stopping a runner achieving their goals and adjusting their training regime accordingly. He can help on all aspects of running, mental and physical, to ensure you are race-ready. Jeff has an impressive running CV, having won many races, including the Beachy Head Marathon and Wendover Woods 50-mile race, and clocking a sub-2.30 marathon PB.