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​Primal Endurance Style Triathlon Retreat - throughout the year


Coaches: Karen Parnell
Start Date: 01/11/2018
End Date: 31/12/2019
Sports: Triathlon
Location: Spain
Price from: €499


Primal Endurance Style Triathlon Retreat

Fully coached retreat based on Primal Endurance Principles of training balance, holistic approaches and fun!

This retreat is based on Primal Endurance foundations.
    Go Faster on less training - MAF & HIIT
    Lose excess body fat - eating Primally
    Reduce Stress - HRV, good sleep
    Train Intuitively
    Have more Fun!

We will ensure that you have an enjoyable, stress free retreat in the Andalusian mountains, lakes and sea. The retreat will combine varied training, good sleep, relaxation, mindfulness, delicious primal food, MAF and HIIT training and fun activities.

Price: This will be between 499€ & 599€ per person/per week depending on time of year, booking numbers & additional exursions required

Food: Primal low carbohydrate and nutritious, never be hungry! The retreat will be based in an authentic Spanish villa with the ability to prepare Primal food in the kitchen or BBQ. The villa is a few meters away from a local shop that sells fresh meat, fish, vegetables, salads and more. It is also close to a very good vegetarian/vegan restaurant (it also serves steaks and fish so don’t worry!).

Training: MAF rides and runs on the coast, mountains for HIIT, swimming pool for video analysis, sea and lakes for swimming. Also, an opportunity to try yoga, Pilates, outdoor spin, Metafit HIIT, Bike FTP testing, run power, TRX, kettlebells, ViPR and more.

Fun: Zip line – 436 meters of fun! Canyoning, Climbing, beach volleyball, kayaking, SUP and more or trip to a Cross fit gym with obstacle course and weight training.

Sleep: Low light pollution and mountain air will ensure a long restful sleep

Wellness & Relaxation: Massage, Sports Massage, Manual Therapy from an Elite therapist, Foam roller workshop, Clinical hypnotherapy.

Primal Challenge: Lake based challenge involving cycling, swimming, SUP or kayak with BBQ afterwards.

Included in the retreat are:
    Self-catered Andalusian Villa with swimming pool, kitchen, lounge and BBQ
    Hire of mini bus to transport you to the training and activity venues
    Fully Coached Swim, Bike and Run sessions (Level 3 BTF  & IRONMAN Certified coach)
    Gym sessions at ChiliTri such as Spin Cycling, Metafit HIIT and Kettlebells
    Cycling guides
    Transport to venues
    Kayak support for the open water swimming


For further information about this Triathlon Training Camp, please see ....


Coach Profiles

  • Karen Parnell British Triathlon Federation coach, BTF Tutor/Coach Educator, Certified IRONMAN Coach, Personal Trainer, UK Athletics Run Coach and is Sports Psychology & Sports Nutrition qualified. She is also a Sports Massage Therapist and a Kinesiology Tape Practitioner.