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Adult Running Camp


Coaches: In House
Start Date: 17/03/2019
End Date: 30/03/2019
Sports: Running
Location: Iten, Kenya
Price from: £1,200


The Kenya Experience camps are 2 week Running Holidays which are suitable for runners of all levels. The training schedules are designed to give guests an authentic taste of running ‘The Kenyan way’ but always tailored to individual abilities and experiences by our coaching team.

The camps are about more than just running and as well as guided runs, coached workouts and practical workshops we will also have Coaching Seminars, Q&A’s and visits to local athlete homes and training camps.  The Kenya Experience program is designed to give you insider access into the world of Kenyan running as well as to immerse you in the local culture in Iten.

Accommodation – High Altitude Training Centre

  • Full board accommodation
  • En-suite bathrooms with hot showers
  • Deluxe Twin Rooms
  • World class training environment
  • Well equipped gym
  • 25m solar heated swimming pool
  • Professional chefs cooking with home grown produce (individual dietary requirements met on request)

Training & Coaching

  • Fully coached training sessions
  • Kenyan style training
  • Our coaches are experienced with runners of all levels
  • Local guide runners are provided to show you the best trails
  • Training includes Long Runs, Speed Workouts, Hills, Fartlek and Recovery Run
  • We will also run Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility, and Mobility workouts
  • None of the workouts are compulsory and we are happy for you to follow your own programme


Seminars and discussions with coaches

Our coaching team will host seminars and Q&A’s to teach you everything you need to know about Kenyan running and training methods. As well as the formal seminar sessions you will also have multiple opportunities to discuss your training and all other topics with the coaches throughout the camp on a more informal basis.

Practical workouts

As well as the running itself we will also provide coached workouts in areas including:

  • Core Stability and Strength & Conditioning for Runners
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Running Form & Technique

Guest visit from Kenyan Champion runner

We will bring in a local guest runner to talk exclusively to you about their life and career. This is your chance to question a world class runner on their training and racing experiences. With so many to choose from your guest visit is sure to be from a truly exciting athlete.


AND much more ....


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