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Swim Camp – Long Weekend


Start Date: 08/02/2019
End Date: 11/02/2019
Sports: Swimming
Location: Spain
Price from: £439


The swimming training camp clinic will include specific coaching for all your swim development and provide you with all the knowledge and tools to continue developing your swim stroke once you return home. With only eight attendees to two coaches you are guaranteed to have a plenty of time for 1:1 coaching and discussions to help you understand how to swim and train effectively.

The 4 Star Bonalba Hotel will be used as the base for your stay – with all food and accommodation included – where you can enjoy all the leisure facilities you would expect from a 4 Star hotel – cafe lounge, bar, wifi and outdoor leisure pool.

A comprehensive Swim Clinic, including an individual HD video analysis and a mix of pool and open water sessions, will comprise:

Pool sessions – the first pool session starts with each individual being filmed from all angles – above and below the water – with the latest HD camera. Follow-up stroke correction sessions focus on the specific issues identified in the video analysis (seminar) session with comprehensive coaching in the technique drills as required. In addition to these sessions for the development of technique, an introduction to stroke rate and performance swimming will be covered in the pool using the Finis Tempo Trainer.

Open water sessions – these sessions take place from our local beach and you will learn how to correctly put on a wetsuit, practice open water starts, turns, drafting and sighting – to really help you feel confident in swimming in open water!

Seminars – the Swim seminars through the weekend introduce and complement the practical swim sessions; videos of the specific techniques and of professional triathletes and swimmers will clearly demonstrate how to swim effectively. In addition to learning the techniques you need to develop an efficient stroke, you will also get a clear understanding of how to plan your training to improve your perfomance using Critical Swim Speed (CSS) as well as your newly developed technique.

Massage: Included in the Clinic will be a 20 minute upper body massage provided by our partnered physiotherapist who is very experienced in working with top level athletes.

Swim specific strength sessions will provide you with the final piece to fully develop your swim stroke.


For further information about the Masters of Tri, please see ....

Coach Profiles

  • Martin has been coaching for over 25 years and is a Trisutto Certified Coach, a British Triathlon Federation Level 3 Coach and designed the Palm Paddle to help triathletes and swimmers develop their stroke.
  • Matt has been coaching for over 10 years; he is an ASA Swim Coach, an IRONMAN Certified Coach and has recently graduated as a Trisutto Certified Coach, working under and learning from Brett Sutton.