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Adam Walker

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Adam Walker


Adam Walker is currently one of the top open water swimmers in the world. He has a degree educated in Sports Science and is a ASA level 2 qualified swimming teacher with over 17 years experience of teaching all levels of abilities from beginners to channel swimmers. He is able to share his experience and techniques which he has used to get him across 6 of the hardest channels in the world. Adam says ‘I have been a National finalist in short distances from 50 metres and also competed at 21 miles. Stroke technique in a pool is different to open water, in open water you have to adapt to conditions with waves and also cold temperature which can effect your stroke. In addition how you prepare is critical from nutrition to the pre race/event preparation and mental process before and during an event.

Adam also provides an openwater swimming 12 week training program for those considering the Bridge to Bridge Henley Swim. For more details, visit Henley Swim

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