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Matthias Lehne

Coach details

Matthias Lehne



Matthias was born in 1974 in Hamburg and found swimming at an early age. The swimming soon became his “second home” enjoying other games that were played in the pool, like Water Polo and Underwater Rugby.

He studied Sports Science at the University of Bochum. His first role as a swim coach was in North Rhine-Westphalia but returned to his home city of Hamburg in 2005 to coach swimmers and triathletes. He has worked with swimmers of all levels of ability.

Matthias coaching sessions are based in both pools and Open Water. He has helped many swimmers reach their goals.

Matthias is a DSV swimming coach currently holding a B license.

He is the founder of swim-coach.de who offer the following –
Personal Swim Training
Swim Workshops
Swimming Training Camps
Individualised Training Plans