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Paul Webb

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Paul Webb


Paul Webb (also known as Paulo) if the founder and Head Coach of Swim Lab International who cater for all swimmers no matter their discipline, age and ability.  Coaching is run from various locations on Lanzarote and the UK using Open Water at Puerto Del Carmen, pools at Sands Beach Hotel and Fariones, and endless pools.

Paul, as a British International coach has experience in working with Olympic and Paralympic swimmers, World Champion Swimmers & Triathletes, National Swimmers, Ironman including Kona World Championships and Channel Swimmers. He also works with disable swimmers and swimmers through rehabilitation.

Paul runs 1:1 coaching sessions, training camps for individuals, groups or clubs and will also develop an individual Bespoke Training Program for you.

1:1 Coaching; these 90 minute sessions use extensive Advanced Video Analysis so you will receive feedback in real-time and be given drills specific to you. These sessions are available for swimmers of all ages and can cover all 4 stroke disciplines as well as (subject to location) Starts and Turns. Sessions can also be run in a pool or tank.

Training Camps; see the full list of dates and options at the bottom of this page to find out what swimming training camps are available and when

Bespoke Training Programs; individually designed to match your abilities, needs and life style. Each program is subject to continual assessment and you will have regular email and video calls with Paul.  This Bespoke option will also give you land based Pre-habilitation programs, Nutritional Advice and Reduced Swim Lab Lanzarote participation camp fees.

As an active member of LEN and FINA (European and International Swimming Governing Bodies), Paul is aware of the current legislation and training for performance standards for all swimmers under his tutorage.

Paul previously worked at Club la Santa (also on Lanzarote) where he developed their Open Water Swimming Program, Beginner & Intermediate Swimming Program, Advanced Video Analysis, the ‘Stroke Clinic’ and Disability and rehabilitation coaching.

He has a reputation as being equally committed to helping everyone from the most basic level to achieving and reaching personal goals, improve fitness and mobility basically, sharing in his love of swimming

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