Antonia Troyano - Tennis Coach

ANTONIA TROYANO   Coaching: Tennis Coach
  Level/rating: Intermediate/Advanced
  Venue: Estepona - Atalaya Park Hotel

The Troyano Tennis Academy run by Antonio and Jose Maria Troyano is based in the grounds the Hotel Atalaya Park.

Antonio, Jose and their expert team, have coached top ranking international players. They are European and USA professional tennis registry accredited.

The coaching is run by Antonio Troyano, trainer of Tops-Spanish Juniors - some of the best tennis players from southern Spain have emerged, among them his son, Jose Maria who was one of the top 32 juniors in the world

Because of their reputation, the academy regularly receives requests to coach international players from many countries throughout the year (for example, Sweden, Ireland, Britain, Germany, Russia and Spain). Professionals who have trained here include Sergio Casal (ex -World Ranked 20), the Italian Davis Cup Team...

Several regional and national level champions have achieved their success whilst based at the academy.