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Marijn de Vries - Cycling Coach

  Coaching: Cycling Coach
  Level/rating: Beginner/Advanced
  Venue: Weekend beginning October 11th 2013
  Blog: Follow Marijn's web
  Twitter: Follow Marijn on Twitter


Marijn de Vries is a Dutch professional cyclist and journalist .

De Vries started cycling at student cycling club GazGas of Windesheim Universit. When she turned 30, she began to ride her bike as a professional cyclist.  

On September 5, 2010 she won her first competition, namely the criterion of Hilversum.

From 2010 to 2012 De Vries has ridden for the Leontien.nl team of Leontien van Moorsel .

From 2013 she has worked the Belgian team Lotto Belisol .

Until December 2010, Marijn was the editor of the sports Holland Sport until December 2010. She continues to write columns and articles for Wielerrevue and HP / De Tijd .

Since August 2013, De Vries a column in the newspaper Trouw , as successor Mart Smeets


Marijn wants to inspire people to live their dream, because by doing so, as she experienced, you can achieve so much more than you ever expected. Marijn writes columns about her life as a professional cyclist in Dutch and English and, together with Nynke de Jong, she wrote the book Vrouw&Fiets, Handboek voor de fietsende vrouw


Neil Martin - Cycling Coach

  Coaching: Cycling Coach
  Level/rating: Beginner/Advanced
  Venue: Dates to be announced
  Twitter:  Follow Neil on Twitter


Neil is the Father of Dan Martin and uncle of Nicolas Roche and brother-in-law of Stephen Roche.

He rode with the Percy Bilton team1985 & 1986 which then became Percy Bilton - Holdsworth team in the 1987. He then rode for Emmelle - MBK in 1988.

He won the Fleche du Sud, Luxemburg in 1982, National Championship, Road Amateurs, GB in 1984, and won a series of stages, namely stage 5 of the Milk race in 1986, stag 3 of the Tour of Wales in 1988.


Neil is a coach for the Irish national team and offers a unique insight into training and the cycling world generally having raced, ridden and coached with involvement in the cycling industry at all levels for many years


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Welcome to Which Training Camp

Which Training Camp is here to help you find the best sports training camps and coaches throughout Europe. The training camps cover a large multitude of disciplines including cycling, running, triathlon, swimming, football, basketball, rugby, athletics and many more.

Comprehensive information is provided on each of the sporting venues, detailing facilities, equipment, sports coaching, accommodation and travel options available.

You are encouraged to review and share your feedback and experiences to assist fellow athletes in choosing the right training camps for their sport.


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Submitted By Jon
May 24th, 2020
I had a fantastic week. The camp was attended by a wide range of abilities, from charity runners such as myself, up to internationally competing athletes, yet the camp caters for all with coaches available to talk about all aspects of training from strength and conditioning regimes to nutrition. Everyone was friendly and the hotel is only a five minute walk from the beach to watch the gorgeous sunset. Would definitely recommend this running holiday


Submitted By Melanie
May 24th, 2020
I was very lucky to be able to take part in the Runningwithus training camp in Portugal just before the UK went into lockdown. The camp was a really brilliant experience. I was really nervous going - I suffer from a bit of anxiety and after a string of injuries wasn’t exactly race fit. That didn’t matter - Siobhan, Nick and the team made sure that I was looked after and I was encouraged to take part. Going into the camp I’d struggled with 5K - while I was there I did my first 10K in a year and it has shown me I’m 100% capable of more than I thought I was. Two months post camp and I’m the fittest I’ve been in about two years - I’m consistent with my training and I can see that I’m making small gains all the time. I really hope that I’ll be able to come back to the 2021 training camp


Submitted By Naomi
May 24th, 2020
The Running with Us Algarve trip always helps me to re-focus on training during my peak phase of marathon prep; It’s the perfect mix between quality sessions and plenty of recovery time during the day. The hotel is in a beautiful location, with the choice of quiet roads, track, trail and beach running all on the doorstep. It’s always a really friendly, social group of runners, making the evening meals and recovery time good fun. Away from the distractions of busy work life, I can check in on all aspects training, including nutrition and conditioning, meaning I always leave feeling refreshed and with a renewed confidence for upcoming races. This year I was able to get in 10 days of quality marathon prep and my husband enjoyed coming along to focus on getting fitter for 10k. We both look forward to coming back next year


Submitted By Trevor
May 24th, 2020
'Great running holiday, and I would recommend it for all ages and abilities. The scenery is great for running (orange groves & along the clifftop), and the weather in March is ideal for running. The coaches are very helpful, and it was great to meet and train with lots of other keen runners'

Jura Sports

Submitted By Marie
March 28th, 2020
After two consecutive pregnancies, I was looking to get back to running with the goal of a half marathon within the year. Following an evaluation of my fitness, Thierry at Jura Sports provided a comprehensive, tailor-made training program for the core and running. It was important that initially the programme was not too aggressive or time demanding given my new family commitments and break from running. Thierry’s structured approach, technical guidance and regular follow-ups have kept me motivated and set me on the right track to successfully achieve my goal.
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