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Col Conquerors

Col Conquerors offer both cycling training camps and cycling holidays, tours and sportives in the French Alps along with warm weather training camps in the Canaries. You can arrange to join them on a variety of different trips throughout next season.

The Alpine style accommodation is close to the Col du Telegraphe & Col du Galibier so well placed for many other iconic alpine climbs. You will be looked after by Rob Hawkins, a qualified British Cycling level 3 Road and Time Trial coach. There is also an on-site Bike Fit facility to ensure you gain maximum efficiency and comfort from your cycling position.

Full Potential

Full Potential has been offering personal training options for athletes of all ages, abilities and aims since 2005, when it was co-founded by Keith and Debbie Anderson.

They offer running workshops in the UK and March warm weather training camps in the Algarve, giving you the opportunity and frame work to train like top level athletes. They cater for runners of all abilities, splitting you into groups so you’ll always be running with others at your own pace and speed so there’s absolutely no need to worry that you might be too slow (or fast!)

Featured Camps

  • Hotel Funivia

    A bike friendly hotel since 1956 where Epic Alp climbs like the Passo Gavia, Stelvio and Mortirolo dominate the scenery.

  • Hotel Dory

    Welcoming cyclists from all over the world to their Riccione home since 1997 located in central Riccione.

  • Hotel Occidental, Mar

    The hotel has a 50m pool and is an ideal location for swimming and triathlon training camps

  • Jasna Adventures

    Close to the Low Tatra Mountains National Park, which brings wonderful terrain for MTB and Road Cycling

Welcome to Which Training Camp

Which Training Camp is here to help you find the best sports training camps and coaches throughout Europe. The training camps cover a large multitude of disciplines including cycling, running, triathlon, swimming, football, basketball, rugby, athletics and many more.

Comprehensive information is provided on each of the sporting venues, detailing facilities, equipment, sports coaching, accommodation and travel options available.

You are encouraged to review and share your feedback and experiences to assist fellow athletes in choosing the right training camps for their sport.


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Submitted By Joanne
July 9th, 2020
10 Celsius & 70km/h wind in Geneva - makes one want to go to some sunny, warm place... Escape to South Africa for some cycling & running with Annchen Clarke (Kona World Championships finisher) and Bram Peereboom(MTB champ) - these two make the most amazing training camps! Top-notch coaching, assured security (in SA!) and a lot of extra attention: sharing with us a bit of their South African dolce vita (wine, wine and more wine!) <3 Dankie Annchen & Bram

Fitter and Faster

Submitted By Gillian
July 1st, 2020
This was a positive experience for Kate. She returned to the car with a big smile on her face. She felt like she learned more than what was on the agenda for the clinic and enjoyed that facilitators were able to personalize the experience for her while she was there. I got an earful about the experience on the way home and to be honest I didn’t understand much of it and just nodded my head like I totally got it. But she was happy.

Fitter and Faster

Submitted By Gillian
July 1st, 2020
It was a great way for my swimmer to engage with a coach. Our team has been pretty distant during this experience due to furloughs and it was great for her to engage with a coach.

Fitter and Faster

Submitted By Andrew
July 1st, 2020
This clinic offers easily understandable techniques and fun drills to help you improve on your stroke. The instructors were all very helpful and understandable when teaching a drill or part of the stroke. The flip turn drills have probably helped me the most!

Fitter and Faster

Submitted By Mary
July 1st, 2020
In-depth and individual instruction from championship swimmers! Your swimmer will gain confidence and experience while participating in a fun-filled curriculum. Do not wait…these clinics are worth twice the price!! During the butterfly instruction, the direction to more fully engage his core brought immediate results to his swimming. In the breaststroke instruction, the narrow kick drill was productive in improving his overall breaststroke performance. Keep up the great work. These kids really gain from interacting with competitive swimmers outside their normal routine.
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