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Featured Camps

  • 2Madeira com

    World Class training facilities on Madeira - low cost flights and extensive range of packages to meet all budget needs

  • Embrace Sports

    Running, Triathlon & Cycling combining the best possible training environment with a fun-filled holiday experience

  • Best Swim Centre

    The BEST Swim Centre, Mallorca hosts to many club and International teams for warm weather training

  • Swim For Tri

    Swimming coaching, technique and training camps for swimmers of all abilities covering Open Water, Pool & Triathlon.

Welcome to Which Training Camp

Which Training Camp is here to help you find the best sports training camps and coaches throughout Europe. The training camps cover a large multitude of disciplines including cycling, running, triathlon, swimming, football, basketball, rugby, athletics and many more.

Comprehensive information is provided on each of the sporting venues, detailing facilities, equipment, sports coaching, accommodation and travel options available.

You are encouraged to review and share your feedback and experiences to assist fellow athletes in choosing the right training camps for their sport.


Iberia Sports

Submitted By Jurgen Kauff
March 12th, 2018
We had a fantastic training camp with Iberia Sports. They arranged everything very well for us and we just could focus on training and enjoying our time in Spain!

Iberia Sports

Submitted By steven schmid
March 9th, 2018
We had a fantastic training camp. Pool fantastic, hotel great and everyone very friendly. Highly recommendable!

Iberia Sports

Submitted By Pieter zonneveld
March 9th, 2018
Great experience! The Iberia team made sure we had an amazing experience in Barcelona! We will come back next year for sure.

DeZeiner Fitness

Submitted By Andy
March 8th, 2018
Top coaching tips from endurance triathlete DeZeiner Fitness

DeZeiner Fitness

Submitted By Peter
March 8th, 2018
Woke early and had a small bowl of porridge, made my way to the start. Weather was good, light cold breeze. I started in the sub 3.50 catagory, and kept telling myself not to run to fast. Felt really good 5.12km pace, with 1m walking breaks at 19min. Through the first 10k in 54 min feeling great, enjoying the run. Gel taken at 1hr walk break. Through the half marathon in 1.54, and I am thinking I better watch I will die if I keep this pace up. But still feeling great so kept on at the same pace. Enjoying the crowd and the sunshine. At 20 mile 30 km still going strong 2.55. I am now thinking this last 10km is going to hurt…. and it did. Felt my pace drop, and had to add a few extra walk breaks but I still felt I was able to run past a lot of other runners. Felt no wall whatsoever, just a slight decrease in pace towards the end and a steady increase in my heart rate. The key new strategy for me was the walk breaks. Initially I was skeptical but I decided to trust Karl. This gave me a place to feed at and the mental resolve to stay strong, looking at my watch knowing I only had a small bit of time to run before my next break. In the last third I managed to run past many who were walking. I would recommend Karl if you want to take your race to the next level.
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