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Featured Camps

  • THB Tropical Island

    Lanzarote training base for Triathlon (2 training pools), Football, Tennis, Fitness, Basketball and Beach Volley ball

  • Valentin Playa de Muro

    Mallorca base for your Triathlon Camp with pool and easy access to Open Water Swimming. Good cycling and running routes

  • Poiano Garda Resort

    50 metre pool on the shores of Lake Garda, perfect for Triathlon, Swimming plus 6 clay courts & Fitness facilities

  • Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort

    Overlooking the Atlantic - facilities for Football, CrossFit, Boot Camps, Cycling, Running

Welcome to Which Training Camp

Which Training Camp is here to help you find the best sports training camps and coaches throughout Europe. The training camps cover a large multitude of disciplines including cycling, running, triathlon, swimming, football, basketball, rugby, athletics and many more.

Comprehensive information is provided on each of the sporting venues, detailing facilities, equipment, sports coaching, accommodation and travel options available.

You are encouraged to review and share your feedback and experiences to assist fellow athletes in choosing the right training camps for their sport.


Jura Sports

Submitted By Marie
March 28th, 2020
After two consecutive pregnancies, I was looking to get back to running with the goal of a half marathon within the year. Following an evaluation of my fitness, Thierry at Jura Sports provided a comprehensive, tailor-made training program for the core and running. It was important that initially the programme was not too aggressive or time demanding given my new family commitments and break from running. Thierry’s structured approach, technical guidance and regular follow-ups have kept me motivated and set me on the right track to successfully achieve my goal.

Jura Sports

Submitted By Ögmundur
March 28th, 2020
I have been training with coach Thierry for almost a year. I can’t explain how happy I am working with him. Instant feedback and training schedule is adopted in real time when I miss workouts or doing better or worse than planned. No more sending excel sheets with one month intervals as I have done with my coaches before. Huge respect to Thierry for his dedication to his athletes and the example he sets by practicing what he preaches. If you want to succeed and improve, Jura Sports is the team where you want to belong.

Jura Sports

Submitted By Olivier
March 28th, 2020
It was my first experience of a training camp as I am preparing L’étape du tour. We had a great time over these 3 days. The organisation was perfect. Thierry found a great place near Lac du Bourget which is a perfect region for cycling. We had 3 great days of cycling (tough though) but Thierry always had a plan B to adjust the level if needed. Next to the cycling we spent some time on recovering / stretching, the accommodation was great. Thierry also prepared great food and we learned a lot of stuff about sport diet. Overall a great experience which will definitely make you progress.

Jura Sports

Submitted By Arturo
March 28th, 2020
My goal is to complete a long distance triathlon here in Spain, and I wanted to take my training to the next level. I contacted Thierry and have been really impressed with his professionalism and his dynamic approach to triathlon training. I struggled to balance my work, family, and training. But Thierry understood my situation, and adapted the program as a result. After a few months of training I can feel a big difference; I feel great. I can’t wait to see how far I can go with Jura Sports’ training.

Running Abroad

Submitted By Mary Beth
February 13th, 2020
What a wonderful experience this was for Anna! She had an amazing time and got so much out of the camp in addition to the running. Y’all did an amazing job with the kids and keeping parents informed
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